Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Passion for Decorating

Decorating is a passion of mine. I love to rearrange things in my home. I change things around for every season. (Halloween is my favorite, you'll have to wait until October).
Don't ever be afraid to reach out and try something new. I am posting some pictures of bookshelves in my library. They are piled up, just like you threw stuff on the shelf for 50 years. People often ask me how do you dust that? Answer, you don't its suppose to look like its been there forever, dust and all.
One thing you what to make sure to do is always add one thing or two that just doesn't really go with anything else on that shelf. This makes the eye notice all the other things.
As you will notice there are lots of pharmacy and soda fountain things on these shelves. That's because my husband is a pharmacist and we have a soda fountain in our pharmacy. If you are ever in our little town (Mountain View) stop in and see us.
Hope you enjoy the pics and are inspired to go beyond the norm.

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  1. Oh, I love all that "stuff". Your blog is off to a good start, I'm signing up right now. Enjoy!