Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend
Tammy Holland

Today is my best friend's birthday. We have been friends for years. Her and her husband lived in Mountain View when we moved here in 1982. Our husbands starting fishing together and then we soon became friends. The moved away in about 1984? Although there are and have been many miles between us we have remained very good friends. Our hope is someday they will move back. She is someone that I can always count on. Last year she came and stayed 2 weeks helping me prepare for my daughters wedding. (Lots of hard work and sweat, it was an outside wedding at my home.) What a friend! She has always been there to listen and advise me. We are alot alike, sometimes we buy the exact same things without even knowing it.
So today I celebrate her friendship and her birthday by dedicating my blog to her.
This is a poem that we found at Gordmans that we bought for each other.
In times of happiness and fun
all good times abound when the day is done
I'll be forever your best friend
When sadness comes to fill your day
and no one else is willing to stay
I'll be forever your best friend
We'll walk and talk and make a plan
and share the burden when we can
I'll be forever your best friend
In times of trouble and times of need
I'll come running with Godspeed
I am forever your "Best Friend"

Love you have a Great birthday!

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