Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Enjoy Decorating

I constantly hear people say, " I don't know how to decorate, or where do I
start?" Well, there is one thing to remember you never will unless you try.
Always start with one main focus, then let it lead you to the next.
For instance, in the picture above, I started with the sheet music
( it is the Wedding Song also known as Where there is Love).
This was from sung at my wedding 30 years ago, so it has a lot of sentimental
value to me. How perfect to display for Valentine's Day.
Then next I wanted to make sure that it was noticed, so what better way than on a
silver tray. Then I looked for something given to me as a wedding gift,
crystal candlesticks (that's romantic).
Then I placed the other items to complete the
arrangement. As you will see I didn't put tall candles (but you could)
I placed a small battery tea light, and laid one on it's side.
This adds visual interest leading the eye to be more observant.
Anyone could place them both standing.
So get busy and create your own little vignette and enjoy.

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