Thursday, June 25, 2009

So many in today's society has lost purpose. The purpose of living and loving. Taking time out to enjoy life and its many blessings.
I am reminded of a day not long ago, I was working in my garden (all day long, playing in the dirt) when my daughter came outside: it was almost dark and said " So you think this is fun?" Today she is 24 and just got married last year. Guess What?? She just planted her first flower garden. Wonder if she thinks it's fun yet?Remember always teach and show your children purpose in living and how many blessings God gives us.

My Blessing for today is watching flowers bloom in my garden just as our children do.

Britt's first bloom in her first garden.

Is the life of a obsession or a lifestyle?
If you want to become an avid junker always follow these guidelines:

Challenge for today -- Take time out to call a friend and just tell them you were thinking about them.
I am calling my friend Dianne.

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